View Full Version : BH-C-253, C-5370, FM 6 not running

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09-06-2016, 10:06 PM
BH-C-253, C-5370, FM 6 not running

Fan motor for the MFP board cooling is not running. Managed to get the machine on its hooves again by bypassing the yellow signal line of the fuser fan directly to the PCRB board FM6 connector so now the machine at least believes the FM6 is running. I was in a hurry today and had no spares with me but does not want to leave it this way. Is there any known blown ICP on the PCRB board? I have no junker at hand and will dead sure not buy a PCRB board. Either the beast is going down the cliff or I just connect the FM6 directly to 24DC. Doesn't harm when its running 24/7 :)

So, does anyone please can inform me if a blown ICP could be responsible for this?


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