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11-04-2016, 07:03 PM
I have PS3 now but thinking of upgrading one day. Does anyone have the PS4 and if so, how do you like it?

11-17-2016, 10:15 AM
Got one for my birthday last year (i have the BEST gf) but i still had an old CRT tv... went out and bought me a sony 4k tv, dont remember the exact series etc but i did alot of research on it and it makes the ps4 games look WAY better then on my pc. (non 4k monitor but can max settings on all games)

Gotta say i like the ps4 alot, heard there is a new model coming soon for 4k and VR gaming, doubt ill see much difference on it because my tv upscales everything to near 4k res.
The controller is a big step forward, on the ps3 i wasnt that great at shooters - now im still not but its more accurate :p the touchpad thing in the middle i rarely use tho - it doesnt really mimic mouse cursor movement, its a little too sensitive.

If you like to chat and interact with others xbox might be the way to go, all these features are on ps4 aswell but not as streamlined, i like to just play and not have to deal with chatting while i do it, the ps4 earplug/mic annoy me. (and theres ps4 and xbox exclusive games)

No fanboy stuff now but honestly, comparing with a buddy of mine - ps4 games perform better overall - in some games its very noticable in most barely. (disregarding tv difference, i had moved my ps4 to his house - like we used to do 20ish years ago with the SNES)

Conclusion: i love it - games look good, controller is way better, online features took a huge step forward compared to ps3.

11-17-2016, 10:35 AM
The biggest difference is with ps4 you will need to pay a subscription to play online games, that played for free on ps3! apart from that better graphics, some great games available too.

11-17-2016, 10:48 AM
Ah yes, good point !
I did that actually, eventhough i rarely play online, subbed for a year for 50 (prob cheaper in USD - it always is) and got well over 200 worth of free games out of it.
You get 2 or 3 free games every month and discounts in the store - sometimes quite substantial ! if you are like me and have patience you can save ALOT of money.
(ex. 3 latest AC titles for 40 - rather then 150-180)

11-17-2016, 12:51 PM
I like Madden Football and if I got PS4 I'd definitely fork up the $50 to play online with others. That would be very cool. Not a huge fan of war/shooting games because my reflexes aren't as good as those kids and they light me up so I like games where you use more strategy more so than quick trigger.

On a side note...I just purchased an Apple TV 4th gen, so right now I'm trying that out so I can possibly avoid the high cost of satellite.

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