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02-23-2017, 08:01 AM
I love Minolta's and don't get help from my local dealer as they don't always offer the best price on used machines. So I am struggling in the dark to find out about these machines and not finding much information off of google. I am aware of the specs of the machine but would love to hear real world experience/opinions/rants/comments/etc.

Our budget is ~$5k. I can increase the budget if necessary to get a used machine that is better to us.

Our application: Perfect binding of 6x9" books

Our current setup: C6000+PB-503 - has been working fine, a few jams, expensive click rates, also paper size is 6x9." C6000 isn't really capable of going any less than that and we have to use the optional feeder trays to achieve that size. The size has been fine for our use but would love the capability of going to smaller sizes. I heard the air assisted PF-703 would help with smaller sizes but not finding any concrete information.

Reasoning to upgrade is so that we can reduce our click rate so we can print 1+ million pages a year, hopefully more by second year.

I have found various used machines 1051/1052/1250 within our budget $5-7k. Some come with options, others do not. I am not sure if we need the relay unit for bw printing. We plan to print the cover on the C6000 and place it in PB cover tray and then print the inside of the book on bw production unit. We prefer a unit that doesn't give us much hassles.

I am leaning towards the 1250 right now, even though it has nothing we can truly benefit from. We are happy with 105 pages per minute, we will be duplexing so its actually 50 ppm. I really like a super workhorse. The 1052 is going to need many accessories and will probably cost closer to $10k when optioned out to work with PB-503 (I have 2 in my office currently). The 1051 is guaranteed to go under a service contract whereas the 1250 does not come with that guarantee and may need parts changed.

Is it advisable on the bw production units not to bother with a service contract? I am technically illiterate when it comes to fixing printers. I can put toner in. I was getting $0.0035 CPC from minolta if I buy a 1052 from them at $12k. But to put a used machine under contract will cost me ~$1k with new consumables and inspection.

Anyone who has a 1051/1052/1200/1250 please tell me how much you love or hate your machine. How costly can it be to repair and how often has it needed repair?

02-23-2017, 06:21 PM
I am a print production guy...

Your looking at this backwards...

you want to be able to print 4UP, on 12x18.
Then bind offline.

I would go 1250 if you need to monthly production volume, I would stay away from the 1051, at least 1052 or 95X (anything but the 951).

Just my two cents.

PM me if you want vendors who sell used/repo'd equipment. Off line perfect binders are under $3500 for a decent one, $5K if you want nicer features.

02-23-2017, 06:40 PM
Binding offline is more labor intensive. I don't want to hire more labor. I feel that labor is more expensive then doing it one up. I just sold my offline equipment because of how well my C6000 setup is.

Would you buy a 1250 sight unseen and no warranty? How much can go wrong with it if it was working?

02-24-2017, 04:32 PM
wrong way to go into it as well...

Guess you never dealt with a KM after a lightning strike or water damage

02-24-2017, 04:42 PM
We put our KM's on surge protectors, so it has never happened to use in 20 years. Same for water damage.

I agree and not buying sight, unseen. I am hoping I get a deal from Minolta before their year closes. Somehow I don't see them selling me a production unit for $5k.

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