View Full Version : Konica Minolta C452 Cyan uneven - also printing very dark

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02-24-2017, 12:55 AM
I'm having an issue with 2 things on this 452 first, the cyan is doing 2 thing. First issue with the cyan is the side closest to the front of the machine the cyan isn't coming out even, If I were to be printing a full sheet of green for example the side closest the the back of the machine will have pretty even color but the side closest to the front will be mostly yellow. The second issue is that there is cyan also getting on the far edge of the paper... could these be related? I've reseated most of the components in the fusing/imaging section and didn't notice anything strange, however I didn't see anything that looked out of place.

My other issue with this machine is the color when printing is coming out VERY dark. If i do a copy from the glass the color is great but if I scan that same image and print it, it looks like someone were to have taken the brightness and cranked it all the way down... any idea or help would be greatly appreciated guy!

02-24-2017, 02:08 AM
its common on these to undertone and pull dev. you can try and tone them up but you may need to replace the image units. check the toner ports are open and not clogged. may want to do inialize and reset then gradation. how old are the i/u units? have they been reset or left in till they just die. what have you done.

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