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04-26-2017, 11:55 AM
Hi all
Anyone out there have any experience with a KIP 860 . I just installed my first and the transfer belt ripped I got the new one but , I am looking for any tips or clues to successfully install it

04-26-2017, 07:40 PM
I don't have experience troubleshooting only went to the class, haven't seen one since. None in my area. From what I learned you NEED 2 people to remove and reinstall. Also you NEED to make sure the machine is leveled correctly otherwise the belt will tear again. Following the manual were able to remove and reinstall in class no issues. sorry if not much help

04-27-2017, 12:57 AM
That's ok it's just nice to know that it is possible. I am going to attempt it tomorrow.

04-27-2017, 02:36 AM
The only one I ever setup was with a trained Kon/Min dealer's tech. It took 2 days to install. Tech used some special level then machine had to sit overnight and level checked again next day. First time I have seen a machine need 2 people to service certain areas of machine, taking out drums, transfer belt, etc.

I have been in this business for a long time and I don't want any part of servicing that monster! I told Kon / Min to service it. My customer loves it. They had it over a year now getting one of the first machines shipped to USA.

I think they will work great if setup properly and firmware updates installed. Not to mention first full color wide format well under $30k.

04-27-2017, 11:29 AM
Thanks that helps I think that if we get the transfer belt in ok we will let it sit overnight and check the level the next day. I am just not sure why the belt ripped in the first place.

04-27-2017, 07:22 PM
Yea that's really weird why a machine slightly off level would tear the trans belt. The tech setting up said the level part was really important but I assumed it was for the developer units, etc sitting level. Even had the dealership he works for buy this expensive type of level. Think the level was $200.

Anyway best of luck

04-29-2017, 02:55 AM
We successfully installed the new transfer belt yesterday gonna let it settle over the weekend and re-level it before power up and calibration

05-06-2017, 08:42 PM
With new belt installed we re-leveled and tested the belt still meanders to the right (E-0722 error every time) after adjusting tension and inspecting belt frame getting Konica rep involved to resolve issue

05-07-2017, 03:48 AM
That sucks! I feel for you. Hopefully it turns out to be something easy and you get it resolved quickly.
If you want I could ask the Kon/Min tech I know? He is trained on the 860.

05-07-2017, 09:37 PM
Thanks! besides the error we are also getting large splotches of Black toner and smaller splotches of colored toner on the transfer belt when we try to run the( KcsNo31.zip )calibration sheet . Hopefully,
we will get some answers tomorrow .

05-10-2017, 01:02 AM
Well it looks like a bent transfer belt frame and running belt rotation sims with the front panel off causes the black drum to conduct and coat the drum because of light sneaking in.

12-01-2017, 11:13 PM
We had to adjust the tension on quite a few machines but just recently KIP released a new style sensor.

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