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05-15-2017, 07:17 PM

I have a customer who has a c203 and tray 1 is set for letterhead and tray 2 is set for plain paper. When you go into the print driver on any PC, if you click on reflect device status, it just keeps all the trays as plain paper.

It used to work fine but now its not... Any ideas?

Drivers are installed on a server, and then shared out.

Also - if you turn off SNMP status on the print driver properties, the machine goes offline!

Any help appreciated

05-15-2017, 09:42 PM
If the driver is on a server, and you are trying to update the current device status from a shared client, you must be able to manage the printer. This can be found within the security tab on the printer properties on the server. If you do not have this permission the icons should be greyed out on the client workstation. Since you don't mention an error when trying to "obtain device information" I assume this is how you are configured and this is normal. You should try to get the new settings from the server, and when this is updated the new settings will propagate down to the clients. The only other reason you may be having problems is if you have a driver version that is not supported by the firmware on the machine, but even so, if the driver can't get the current status, you should be see a "failed to retrieve" error window. If you turn off SNMP then the Off Line message is also normal. You might also have a problem with the SNMP communications, you might want to verify that SNMP v1/2 is enabled on the MFPs web page, and ensure that the default read/write community names are at their default settings. Any changes to these settings must be matched within the driver properties. When all else fails, load the most current firmware and match the driver with that version. Emujo

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