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07-09-2017, 02:34 AM
Ok so I just got a new to me Ikon cpp650. If I have the finisher on it I can only use the copier to make copies from the glass. If I send a job from workstation it throws c1101 code. If I try to select a different output tray it throws code. Tried to use the punch feature same thing. If I take finisher off I can send send jobs from workstation on the network and print the configuration pages which won't print with finisher. I tried to put the finisher on it from my bizhub 750 but cpp650 wouldn't recognize it. Any ideas of what I can do to use this finisher? Thanks john

CPM Mike
07-10-2017, 04:35 PM
From the service manual: Problem: Shift unit does not reach the shift position or the home position within the specified time. Solutions: 1) FNS control board (FNSCB) 2) Shift roller Motor (M2), 3) Shift roller home sensor (PS18).

I would start with checking the sensor and making sure its clean. Then, check the M2 motor. Its unlikely that it will be the control board, but, if 1 & 2 fail, try that.

I hope this helps!

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