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07-14-2017, 10:26 PM
Customer first called about not being able to scan more than 30 documents at a time. Had them change setting to 200x200 dpi & compact PDF but that didn't work. A message comes up "failed to complete job" when trying to scan larger packets.

I went there and it did the same thing for me. Documents are basic text invoices. All 80 documents scanned in fine but it sits there with the job symbol at the bottom of screen. After about 5 mins "failed to complete job" comes up.

Went back today and installed a HDD thinking machine was running out of memory with large amount of originals being scanned. Thought this may help but it did not. Still same issue.

Back to square one! I checked and rechecked all the settings and all look like every other Biz 223 I have out there.

Of course the customer mentioned today when leaving that machine was able to scan 80 pages when first delivered back in Jan up until about 2 months ago when they got a new router! Of course I think it has to be something with new router. I didn't have time today but will be going back next week.
What I don't understand is if there was an issue with new router/settings why would scanning work most of the time? Printing to copier is fine.

Any ideas appreciated.

Thanks in advance

07-14-2017, 11:46 PM
SMB or email?
scan in color? 4x the file size.
most email servers have a 10Mb cap on attachments.
in state confirmation does it show like 170Gb of vacant area in HDD check? (not adjustment)
all else fails, download the address book and all settings through pagescope and download movie data from konica and do a total data reset in initialization.
reboot, turn on the HDD if it was disabled by the initialization, install the movie data and load the saved backups.
then flash to the latest FW and try again.

thats what i would do.

if SMB scans you can eliminate or blame the new router by scanning like 100 pages to a flash drive.
admin mode, system settings, user box settings, external memory, enable everything.
plug a flash drive into the panel, should ask to print or scan. select scan and scan away. if you get all pages without an error but try the same job to their network id feel confident saying their network is somehow at fault.


good luck!!

07-15-2017, 12:01 AM
Great advice! It's setup up SMB with just 2 user boxes. It is set to compact pdf so color scan has to be on. You cannot have it set to black & compact pdf. I was always told to put on compact pdf when there were scanning issues. So I thought having it set to compact pdf was best?

I'm old school and networking / scanning isn't my strong suit. Usually pay someone else to do the connections or customer's own IT people do it.

I will troubleshoot with your tips and report back.

Thanks again

07-15-2017, 02:13 AM
If you're scanning to SMB there should never be an issue with file size. It will take whatever size file you send regardless, the larger file just taking longer. Personally I would suspect that your network connection is dropping out. I would connect my laptop to the network cable for the MFP and start a continuous ping to the recipient PC (ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx -t). I think you'll find that periodically the pings increase radically or even drop out entirely. They certainly can't blame the MFP since it's not even in the network just then.

You can also connect your laptop to the MFP, set up a scan folder on your laptop and demonstrate scanning hundreds of pages. If this works ... your work is done. It's not the MFP. =^..^=

07-15-2017, 05:48 AM
Thanks BC, I'll bring my laptop to ping and scan to.

07-15-2017, 06:22 AM
If scanning to an external email server these days I just setup gmail for the customer.

Additionally for troubleshooting, I carry a wifi to ethernet bridge and use my company supplied iPhone in hotspot mode to get the machine online and completely isolate the customers network. If it works, see ya later and here's the bill.

Best 30 bux I ever spent.

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