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07-19-2017, 07:38 PM
This machine will run for a couple of hours then shut itself down. It reboots with the code cd33c and shows the data recovery button. On pressing this it can then take up to half an hour to restart. Parts so far replaced are the MFP board and SSD and it is running the latest firmware.

Anybody had this before??

07-19-2017, 10:44 PM
Its like a checksum test it fails when checking the NV memory (SSD) data. So to me that means the hardware is ok but the data on it is corrupted or gets corrupted. Hence the call to rewrite it.
For the #@%! reason not to make us reuse boards and to make us buy new ones they devised the triangle of mating the 3 things in a set SSD MFPB and AOCB to my limited understanding.
So there is a copy of that data on all 3 of them. By replacing one of them at a time the data can be written back to the replaced component.

My theory is that the "factory data" in the set is corrupted and it just rewrites the SSD with it.

Try the reset tool...

2 of my machines got bricked beyond repair this way. Unless you can get all the boards from a donor machine and replace them all at once.
Would like to know how to get past that.

07-19-2017, 10:52 PM
Read under the code description how to do a manual backup.
Just do that for the love of it to see what happens.
Other wise the machine does that every hour.
That is a lot of backup where something can go wrong??

07-19-2017, 10:54 PM
MFPB and PRCB replacement procedures

New procedures for replacing the MFPB and PRCB which supersedes those in the original Service Manuals.


Follow the below procedure when replacing the MFP board.
CAUTION: Before replacing the MFP board, perform [Service Mode] ->[Stop 0 Clear] -> [Enhanced Security] -> [Engine Data Backup] to back up data.
1. Turn OFF the machine and unplug it. Remove any covers necessary to obtain access to the MFPB.
2. Replace the MFPB.

A4FMH02204 - bizhub C224
A161H02104 - bizhub C284/C364
A2XKH02004 - bizhub C454/C554/C654/C754
A5C1H0200B - bizhub C224e/C284e/C364e/C454e/C554e
A55VH02100 - bizhub 654/754
A61FH02005 - bizhub 554e/454e/364e/284e/224e
A2X0H02001 - bizhub C654e/C754e
A55VH02301 - bizhub 654e/754e
a. After installing the MFPB, make sure to set SW201 with "1" set to "ON". Refer to the illustration below.
b. When the new MFPB is shipped out, the default position of dipswitch 201 is set to OFF.


c. This applies to the following MFPB's and models.
A5C1H0200B - bizhub C224e/C284e/C364e/C454e/C554e
A61FH02005 - bizhub 224e/284e/364e/454e/554e
A61FH02001 - bizhub 224e/284e/364e/454e/554e
3. Insert the USB stick with the latest firmware loaded on the root; then power the machine ON. Do not update the firmware at this time.
4. Touch [Machine Type Select] key on the panel.
5. Enter the following [Machine] and [Type] information, and then touch [Fix].


07-19-2017, 10:56 PM
Note: Entering the incorrect Machine or Type will result in code C9401.
6. Turn OFF the Main power switch, then remove the USB memory.
7. Turn ON the Main power switch; CD390 is indicated along with Japanese characters.
8. Let the machine reboot automatically two times.
9. After the 2nd reboot, code CD390 will display again, but now with English text, and a “Restore Data” button is also indicated on the panel.
Note: It may take up to 5 minutes before the English text appears.
10. Touch [Yes] on the restore screen to restore the data from SSDB to MFP board.
11. Turn the Main power switch OFF/ON.
a. The original SSD board should have no problem and can be installed with the MFP board.
b.When replacing the MFP board with another one, never use the combination of a used MFP board removed from another machine and the original SSD board. This combination causes corruption of stored data. The combination of the original MFP board and a used SSD board removed from another machine also causes the same problem.

IMPORTANT: Be sure the ORIGINAL PRCB is installed so that the data can be backed up BEFORE replacing the PRCB.

A161H00108 C364/C284/C224
A5C1H00102 C364e/C284e/C224e
A61FH00101 364e/284e/224e
A4FJH00104 C454
A5C0H00101 C454e
A61EH00101 454e
A2XKH00104 C554
A5AYH00101 C554e
A61DH00101 554e
A2X0H00102 C754/C654
A2X0H00S01 C754e/C654e
A55VH00101 754/754e/654/654e

Removing all options

Remove all options before performing a data backup. If this is not done, an “NG” error code will result.

Back up the PRCB data

1. Enter Service Mode.
a. Press Counter.
b. Press Stop, 0, 0, Stop, 0, 1.
c. Enter 9272 four times.
d. Select End.
2. Select [Enhanced Security].
a. Press Stop, 0, Clear.
3. Select [Engine Data Backup].
4. Select [Engine Data Save Mode]; then press the [Start] button.
5. Select [Yes]; then press the [Start] button.
6. When [OK] is displayed, turn the main power switch OFF. The PRCB can be removed from the machine.

Restore the PRCB data

After installing the new PRCB, use this procedure to restore the data onto the new board.
1. Remove the finisher from the machine, and ensure that the front and right-side doors of the machine are closed.
2. Turn the main power switch ON. Code C-4802 will be displayed. This is normal.
3. Enter Service Mode.
a. Press Counter.
b. Press Stop, 0, 0, Stop, 0, 1.
c. Enter 9272 four times.
d. Select End.
4. Select [Enhanced Security]; then press Stop, 0, Clear.
5. Select [Engine Data Backup].
6. Select [Engine Data Reflect Mode]; then press the [Start] button.
7. Select [Yes]; then press the [Start] button.
8. When [OK] is displayed, reboot the MFP.

07-20-2017, 12:38 AM
The MFP reset tool help me out of my dilemma. I won't cost you any parts, but is just as difficult to do. Allocate 2 to 3 hours. =^..^=

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