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08-25-2008, 08:45 AM
ok here it goes, this will be the short story. I bought this machine from and un-named dealer in central florida. We met through abigger dealer that i turned down because they wanted 65k for this machine i did know better than that. Anyways learning more about the machine and watching what was going on i figured out that i was not getting the parts that i was supposed to be getting in pm's and getting toner that was not for the machine, getting billed double for clicks etc, etc.. Just bad because the owner thought i was nieve which i was when i got it. So we parted ways and i started servicing my own machine my first 100k pm took 6 hours you don't even want to know about the 200k but that was 8 months ago I run 125k clicks a month so i have got good at this machine even though i should not have to worry about it. Well last week my fiery x3e 50c-k (which was not the one i bought to add to it but oh well now) was processing a job when we had a little power filcker well it would not boot after that. I have bad superblocks on the hard drive and i see no way of fixing it without reformating it. Problem I have no fiery software except command workstation so i could never put the server back together.

Questions and i fully understand if any answers are no this is a shot in a dark and last ditch to say my business because this machine is my business.

Where can I get the software? Or can someone send it to me? Or is it hidden on my command workstation disk and i don't know it? And is there anyway to print without the fiery? And any more solutions that i have not thought about?

Thank you for you time in reading this and thank you for any help that i may receive.

08-25-2008, 12:50 PM
Well that is the pits! Unless you have a cd called 'system software' your out of luck. But I am sure some nice person in Florida will lend you a copy.

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