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07-29-2017, 01:46 AM
New customer called and said machine was just delivered after moving to new office. They said that paper drawer 4 (bottom right, 1500 sheet) will not open all the way. Can pull it out about 1/2 way and it hits something. They said they looked but couldn't see where it was hitting.

Account is far away and wanted to get some insight before heading out next week. I realize this is type of call you just have to go see what is going. But figured it wouldn't hurt to ask if anyone saw this before after copier being transported?

Thanks in advance

07-29-2017, 03:11 AM
could be the takeup assy hitting the inside, could be a screw on the slide rail blocking? maybe paper shifted during transport causing lift overrun...
it does sound like a "ya had to be there" scenes.
good luck!

07-29-2017, 03:33 AM
Thanks. I was thinking the same that take up assy got bounced around during transit. Hopefully I'll be able to get to screws to take tray out. Not sure if it only opens halfway.

07-29-2017, 04:24 PM
I had this sort of thing happen on a Sharp MFP imaging drawer. The room was a little too small for the machine (can you imagine?), so when you pulled out the drawer the right side of the drawer scraped a file cabinet. After a few months of that, the drawer just wouldn't open any more.

There is a metal lever mechanism on the inside of those rail systems, and if the rail gets tweaked (this one looked like a banana) that lever gets jammed.

I was just assisting on this call (here for the muscle and because I carry a hack saw). The drawer assembly was a delightful 200#, and since it would not open far enough to get to the screws, my co-worker supported part of the drawer while I hack-sawed off the rail on each side. Once separated we could get to the screws. Then we refused to re-install the imaging drawer unit the file cabinet got moved somewhere else.

I hope that I never have to do that again. =^..^=

07-29-2017, 06:42 PM
Hey BC, That sounds like the call from hell! Hate anytime I have to bring a hacksaw to a service call:mad:. Although I have thought about bringing a sledge hammer to service a few of my "favorite" machines:D

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