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10-24-2017, 04:24 AM
Ok, this one has been driving me nuts.

I have a customer with a c454e with close to a million copies on it. Now the parts life notifications have been turned off for and the drums and devs and transfer belt were well overdue but working ok. About 2 weeks ago I decided that it was high time to replace them. So I replaced all the devs, the color drums, the transfer belt, the transfer roller and the toner filters.
The next day they called for faded copies\wrong colors.
The cyan developer was stripped.
I checked the transfer belt, the blank exposure LEDs and the laser.
So I replaced the dev again and the next day the same thing.
This time I just dumped some dev material from the previous stripped developer into the dev. (I ran out of new developers and besides, they're expensive)
The next day they call for cyan on copies.
There is a line about 1/2" wide down the center of the page that feels gritty.
On inspection of the drum there is cyan toner buildup on the primary grid in the center.
Swapped the cyan drum with the magenta drum and now the band is on the magenta.
Inspected the Cyan Dev and there doesnt seem to be anything wrong.
Carefully clean as much toner off the primary grid as \i can (those drums are not meant to be taken apart) and the color band goes away.
Next day,gritty Cyan stripe again. This time I catch it before it strips the dev.
So I clean up the grid again, Vacuum out the developer air duct as best as I can inspected the High voltage board.

I dont get why it is dumping toner on the primary grid or where it is coming from. If it was HVT wouldnt I get CQ issues? or at least wouldnt it dump all the way across the drum?

Anyone seen anything like this? Or have any ideas?

10-24-2017, 04:39 AM
There is a knowledge base article on this . ID kba00031953. The waste toner box fills with developer. It is caused by a short in the HV unit.You may not have to replace the HV unit.

10-27-2017, 04:36 AM

I noticed that you didn't say that you replaced the black drum- if that is the case then that will be the cause
of your problems as all the other colours are referenced off the black, it's critical that the black drum is not too
old , and when you replace drums and or developer units it is critical that you do the " initialize and stabilization"
and then gradation adjustments and as a final check go to the " state confirmation" screen then " table number"
screen and check the difference between the vdc and vg voltages for all colours , there should be about 100volts
between vdc and vg for the respective colours

hope that helps

10-28-2017, 05:35 PM
Did the fault follow the drum unit. If so have you tried replacing the cyan drum unit first? Sorry if ive mis interpreted what ive reÓd. What are the density levels showing in service mode?

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