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02-13-2018, 05:12 PM
New to the forum.
I searched for my issue before posting, didn't find anything that helped my specific issue.

I have a consistent streak at the bottom of every print regardless of paper type/size.
I scanned a printout. The streak has been lightened quite a bit, but you can still see the location of the streak. Its actually visible the across the entire image.
(See attached pdf)

I've found a few manuals for the 751, but nothing that gets into troubleshooting very deeply at all. Best I've found was a user manual that said to basically "clean the glass".
Found a service manual on here. While very indepth with exploded parts listing, there isn't much at all about troubleshooting.

I found a roller loose on what appears to be an imaging unit (again I don't know because I can't find a manual to confirm the name). The roller was detached on one side and jammed. Theres burned toner on the roller that can be seen on the pic. I tried to scrape it off but its very well burned in.
(See attached image for re-attached roller)
Any help is appreciated.

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