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08-22-2018, 08:53 PM
I will preface this by saying that I only deal with a handful of C7000's, so I am far from an expert.

Bizhub C7000 / PF602 Feed / FS612
Testing with regular / 80gsm letter paper

Tray 5 is jamming repeatedly, especially when duplexing. Have been battling J-1702 jams, right at the pre-registration sensor in the PF602 horizontal transport. New feed/sep assembly installed without change. Vertical transport clutches and horizontal transport clutches replaced. Cleaned and checked pre-reg and reg paper sensors. Door latches are good and intact, idlers making good contact and clean. Tray 4 never seems to jam in this area (even though it passes through the same set of pre-reg sensors, etc).

Here's the weird thing: The machine will print hundreds of duplex pages out of any other tray, but Tray 5 jams every 4-5 pages in duplex unit with a J-9202. Removed the ADU and cleaned everything, no problems found. I can reliably print 1, 2, or 3 page duplex jobs from Tray 5, but as soon as I print 4+ it will jam with the 9202. Tray 4 will run all day without a duplex jam. I might be crazy, but I'm starting to think that one of these jam codes is a "red-herring", distracting me from the root issue. Almost as though the J9202 ADU jam is actually originating in the PF602 Horizontal transport area, but is registering on the other side of the machine. Something like the sheet of paper continuing to travel in the ADU when the machine is stopping due to jam. ADU jams always seem to have a page running into the lower ADU gate because it is in the "up" position when the next page enters the ADU (gate solenoid works great, spring still in positon).

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