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10-15-2018, 10:47 AM
I’ve just bought a second hand bizhub c552 with FS 526 finisher.
First, it made disapointing copies – less or more dirty aspect on all - as you can see on pictures 1 and 2 : one thin blanck line on the black and white copy and many grey stripes through the entire color copy.

Photos 1 and 2

The seller told me it was an cyan’s Image Unit problem : « The Cyan doesn’t fix »
So I’ve decided to clean it, first by manipulating in and out the cleaning lever, then by using an anti-static and lint-free rag on the accessible section of the photo conductor/C. Finaly, I shaked this drum unit, twice head down and twice head up , before reinstalling it.
Here are the results of this first cleaning on pictures 3 and 4)

Photos 3 et 4

As the thickness of the black trails you see seemed to decrease as the copies went on, I continued to gently manipulate the cleaning lever. Here is the result of this second cleaning (picture 5)

Photo 5

You see a line of black drops that crosses the page at the same place that the black trails were located.
Then, a last cleaning with the same rag all around the photo conductor/C by making it turn thanks to the gearwheel gave the result on page 6.

Photo 6

Can someone here help me ? Have you ideas about where the problem(s) may come from ? or what advices can you give me on how to procede.

Thanks a lot,


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