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10-17-2018, 10:03 PM
I have a IC415 on a C1060L that keeps losing connection to the machine, i have read similar issue on this forum.
So i decided to replace the HDD and reload the software.

I have downloaded all the files i need from Infohub

IC415 System Software V2.1.7z.001

IC415 System Software V2.1.7z.002

IC415 System Software V2.1.7z.003

IC415 System Software V2.1.7z.004

IC415 System Software V2.1.7z.005

and used IC415 System Software V2.1.exe to convert them all into 1 iso file

and then used Fiery USB Setup Tool to copy to my USB stick.
I then installed the file on to the IC415 with the dipswitch to 1on 2off and after about 10 minutes the controller switches off (which i believe is what should happen)

But afterwards when i switch on im still getting the same issue, have i missed something?
this is the first time i've ever had to do this so hoping ive missed something

10-17-2018, 11:29 PM
i use an emulator like powerISO to "mount" the virtual dvd and flip both switches and install over ethernet.
its better IMHO because i see the progress of the install.

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