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05-02-2019, 09:09 PM
Ok this is a weird one, out of box, has been intermittent, all connections reseated, firmware is current and reflashed.

Get controller initializing errors and occasional C6704's (there are no VI cards installed and the error directly references the VI cards see below) . Am thinking a bad IC chip/memory chip or the board they plug into is bad (the OACB I believe) , while the book references the SCICB, PRICB, OACB then the PRCB in that order that seems excessive.. There are no HDD codes or other failure codes.

For reference:

2.22.12 C-6704 (When the VI-509 is installed)
There is no VI-509 installed.

2.22.13 C-6704 (When the VI-513 is installed.)
There is no VI-513 installed either.

Do these codes directly (or are supposed to) relate to a VI card thats not installed in this device?

Any thoughts are appreciated.



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