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06-06-2019, 12:30 AM
I have asked this before to several different sources and can never get a straight answer. Hopefully someone here will have a definitive answer.

When you update regular or special firmware are all the updates before it on the latest version?

Thanks in advance

06-06-2019, 04:22 AM
yes should be

06-06-2019, 02:10 PM
Older devices (3 series and earlier) there were mass maintenance, production and special. I believe the mass production included all the previous updates. Special firmware has never been designed for this, It is only used to correct a particular issue, or action( Adobe acrobat issue, softswitch needed). Installing the latest special firmware may remove the feature you had fixed earlier. 8 series only are called mass production maintenance releases, but the special firmware would be the same as before.

06-06-2019, 07:20 PM
Not that I really trust the folks at KMBS SSD...but...I was told recently that the Special FW DOES include the changes found in Base up to that point. And that in the last few years, the "LK" versions are always fine to use on non-LK machines. Again, take this with a grain of salt: I've gotten some wacky advice from the SSD team that didn't pan out.

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