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06-20-2019, 01:39 PM
we have had a problem with 2 C224,when you scan an A3 colour copy on the glass the right hand edge is not right ( see attachment).we swopped the whole scanner problem solved,back in the workshop,put it on the donor copier same result.Then we tried to find the fault on the scanner,as it could not be the copier itself.We changed the PWB assy ( PWDID), the CCD Lens assy and the CCD cable, no result, can t think what to try next. Any ideas? Thanks for any suggestions.

Jon Paul42910

06-20-2019, 02:33 PM
Check the Bushing under the lamp assy


06-20-2019, 09:45 PM
Haven't seen this on the C224 but on the C458 when the 3rd mirror is misaligned you get the same effect. There is a angle adjusting screw on the 3rd mirror frame. Turn it counterclockwise 45 degrees. You can refer to bulletin# 11244 for step by step process.

06-20-2019, 09:56 PM
or just lift up on the front left corner of the scanner unit and make a copy.
ive seen that when the customer leans on the scanner and it bows the frame.

06-20-2019, 11:12 PM
Agree with Syntohol once again. I've seen this especially after machine being moved and strapped down. The left front corner gets bent down because there is no frame under that corner.

06-21-2019, 12:41 AM
I'll differ from the consensus for a change:

This is poor CCD focus. I've corrected this exact issue on a bizhub 423. Do I have photos? Yes:


So here's the scary part: You know those painted screws that they tell you never to turn? Those are the ones you have to adjust.

Here's how I went about it: First I moved the CCD along the slots and made the focus worse, then I put that back (don't do this part). I did quite a bit of experimenting. During my various experiments I accidentally tightened only the CCD mounting screws in the rear and made the focus issue worse. I got really excited about this. Then I tightened the front mounting screws and loosened the rear ... and it got a little better. So in my situation the CCD was too high at the front and too low at the rear. Then I snugged all the mounting screws, and made sharpie marks on the painted screws so that I could count rotations. After a few tries I figured out which direction to turn the painted screw at the front and gradually corrected the focus at the rear of the copy. Then I turned the painted screw in the rear in the opposite direction to correct the focus at the front.

You won't find this in any manual. I was very pleased to regain my focus all the way out to 17". I started with 1/4 turns until I was certain I was going the right way. Then 1/8 turns ... to perfection.

06-21-2019, 01:22 AM
Hey BC, good information, hope I never need to do it ha-ha. You're a braver man than me. Don't think I would or could do that adjustment. Is it possible what you did worked and corrected the scanner from being bent down? It's a very common problem mostly because of people leaning on that left side.

06-21-2019, 02:06 AM
I tried the bear hug first. It wouldn't move at all. =^..^=

06-21-2019, 08:54 AM
Check the Bushing under the lamp assy


Interesting. Sounds it may be.

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