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07-19-2019, 05:36 AM
Just a strange experience I wanted to share:
I updated the drivers for 3 c654s on 4 workstations (old driver reportedly randomly failed).
Before I left, I printed a test page for each driver (PS & PCL) for each machine and computer--all good.

Get called in again a week+ later for one computer not being able to print to one MFP.
After me complicating the hell out of this issue, I stumbled on the TCP/IP port configuration.
It was set to LPR instead of RAW 9100 for BOTH the PCL and PS driver, but NOT the FAX (not being used right now).
Crazy because the driver installs all three at the same time if you want.

These guys don't even know how to get into the printer preferences, so maybe they got hacked by a 12 year old prankster.
Or perhaps it is a omen that Scarlett Johanson going to visit me while I am sleeping?

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