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07-24-2019, 05:59 PM
The consumables pahe show both Drum/developer expired and will not allow the copier to function (checked that Stop life was off, and it was).
Seems they were installed in 2012, other installed in 2018.

I would like any advice in replacing the Drum and Developer unit for this machine Both (K) unit. A machine was was sold to a church and the guy that sold it to them is not local, so I serviced their Lanier they had, and gave me a call.
The church has already purchased parts from Precision Roller (Black Drum- A2XN0RD) (Black Developer Unit -A2XN03D) and have asked me to replace the parts.

I understand the drum is behind the waste toner box, turn the blue handel down and remove drum. How about the developer unit?

Any adjustments other than a calibration that need to be done after this?

I have access to service mode and Admin mode, and know how to access both.

Any advice or screen shots of the procedure to links to resources would be nice.

Thank you,


07-24-2019, 06:13 PM
Wow if they brought from Precision Roller probably paid twice as much as they would have if they just went OEM but anyway the black plate that's below the drums there's three screws that hold it in take off the three screws roof black plate take out the drum and the TV unit has two screws upper and lower in like a big black letter see where the drum fits in the middle and one wire you disconnect from the board Slide the old one out Slide the new one in plug it in be careful putting the screws back in sometimes that Black Sea housing doesn't fit all the way on the pin and when you tighten the screw you actually break the plastic so make sure that it's firmly seated up against the frame before putting in the screws then put everything back turn it on it'll reset the counters run gradations if you want and you're good to go

[edit]i used voice to text so sorry for the unintentional silliness[\edit]

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