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10-18-2008, 01:01 PM
Greetings all !

I would like to ask you politely for broad advice . I would like to expand our copyshop to internet printing company . Now we have old minolta C350 and some small printers, lasers and inkjet.
I woul dlike to have machine(s) to do:

-100.000-300.000 copies/month,
- as low as posible Total cost of Ownership, or lowest pay per click
- at least average color quality,
- paper 300gsm,

I talked to business managers of all main brands, but i am still not sure about the machine. They hesitate the give me the best offers they can do. Lot of business talks like our new machine have the latest technology of...
But I need the copmparation of advantages and disadvantages of copared copier. How long they can run ? 1mil or 2mil? easy to reach or only when all parts replaced ? How can I calculate the price per copy if I have no this values ?
Even if i am on service contract , i will pay a lot for the machine itself, so it makes diference if I can do 1mil or 2 mil copies on them. !
Is better way to buy few copiers than 1 high production machine?

Can you give me your advice ?

Is there any independent advice service who can offer me the best solution ? If yes how much to pay for that complete advice ?

If you could spare some time with my questions , i would be very happy.

Thank you all

11-07-2008, 04:54 PM
That's quite a lot of print so no matter what you buy it won't be cheap.
The smaller the machine the higher the click cost so the saving you would be making by buying 2 small ones, will be eaten up by the volume of print at a higher cost.

Lowest running cost i ve seen on machines capable of the volume is probably the KM C5501 or C6501
You might also want to have a look at a Xerox 700 and the C6000 from Canon.

Regarding life of those machines you will be able to do far more than the 2 Millions you are targeting.

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