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10-18-2019, 04:44 AM
I got an emergency call to figure out a toner situation. This place has a a few C654s, but bought toner for a 654 (TN712K - notice there is no C = mono machine).
I switched the head from an empty TN711K and even checked to see if the chip would work from the 712 (it does).

Anyone used the 712 in place of the 711 toner?

Couldn't find the MSDS sheet to compare with the TN711K. Last time I had to call KM and the dude sent me to the the Canadian domain (or somewhere).
I suspect it is very similar as a 654 is basically a C654 engine minus the color IUs/toner.

Anyways, be nice, my hands are in the air. Do not shoot! (I know how some of you guys get about toner compatibility.)43818

10-18-2019, 08:14 AM
Just by comparing two SAFETY DATA SHEETs they look identical, plus developer is the same. It's up to you to take a risk unless somebody who actually tried show up and confirm.

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