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11-19-2019, 10:12 AM
Hi Guys

Anyone had issues with OSX 10.14 ( Mojave ) printing to user-boxes.

I'm aware of some Authentication issues but the customer doesn't use Authentication.

Customer prints from Acrobat, File maker and In-design and this generally works ok, but occasionally the output method isn't displayed on the driver when going to print.

The customer prints to user-boxes for some files and has to restart the application and the file to resolve the issue.

The lastest driver is installed according to the KM download website ( 1.1.19 ).

Typical end user, this machine can do all the quirky jobs their previous Xerox couldn't , their complaining about this 1 issue constantly now.

I'm aware there is an update to Catalina ( OSX 10.15 ) but the customer cant update as their macs are to old to handle the update, they run like crap on Mojave already.

Any information would be helpful ( machine is the new Biz hub C250i - C360i range )


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