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10-23-2008, 05:23 PM
We have a Client With Kyocera Printers ranging from old FS-1800 up to latest FS-4000.

A specific user was able to print from AS/400 system without any problems

Document is sent as postscript

We have replaced machine with FS-1100 recently.
When client tries to print is prints error page

%%Title: (Purchase Order Print Report)

This indicates that it is sending postscript data but the emulationis set to PCL

We then changed FRPO values as follow:
P1 to 9 which equals default emulation to KPDL similar to Postscript
P4 to 1 which switches auto emulation sensing on
P5 to 6 which switches alternative emulation to PCL

Once these settings are set the machine prints out error page as follow:

Error Name: /undefined
Offending Commandd: E &11x &u300D &126A &10o "etc.etc."
Operand Stack:

They have Nashua/Ricoh SP 300 printers when they plug these in it prints 100% without a problem.

There must be some or other specific setting I am missing here.
I can not believe that a Nashua printer would have settings not available on kyocera or at least a why to get kyocera to work.

Any help would be appreciated please.

05-04-2009, 12:33 PM
Assuming it is plugged in via a network connection, you should not need to change any FRPO setting's, you can change the emulation setting's through the command centre. Make sure it is set to KPDL on the interface type being used.
Remember that KPDL is a postscript emulation, so there may be a conflict in which case you may need to add an extra command and run through another port ie 9101.

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