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01-30-2020, 09:12 AM

I have some Bizhub 3622 and sometimes I'm asked for a SMB scan. In the user manual only explained how to configure FTP and scan to email.
So a stupid doubt arose: is it possible to scan via folder? I managed to find in the manual the item "Network Folder Connections" but I can't find a reference on how to make it appear on the screen. I think we should perhaps include it in the shortcuts?

01-30-2020, 09:36 AM
Maybe from here:
1. Open a Web Browser and type in the IP address of the machine.
2. Click on Scan Center - Network.
3. Select Configure under Scan Center - Network Folders.
4. Click on Create Network Folder to create a new network folder.
5. Fill out the information to create a new network folder (or go to step 6 if you are editing an existing network folder).
6. Scroll to the bottom, expand Advanced Options, uncheck the box next to Enable Basic XML file, and click on Save.

01-30-2020, 12:14 PM
Thanks so much!
I'll try

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