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10-28-2008, 03:08 PM
Hello again! I appreciate all of the feedback I got from my first thread. I haven't responded because the machine continues to stymie us with strange problems.

The latest is that it goes into a code C-4522 (color registration) every time the machine is turned on. On Friday a different part was replaced and it went into C-4522. The tech cleaned something and it worked for an hour. Yesterday morning it went directly into the code. The tech put in a new transfer belt and cleaned the sensors yesterday and it worked for an hour and a half. This morning when I turned it on it immediately went into C-4522.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks:)

11-11-2008, 05:56 AM
CAUSE: ICP17 is OPEN on the Printer Control Board. The wiring between the printer control board and the hardware counters may be pinched. If the wire is shorted to ground, ICP17 on the printer control board will open, resulting in the error code. If the wire is broken internally without shorting, the machine will function but the counter will not increment.

SOLUTION: Check the wiring between the PRCB and the Total Counter. There might be a short to ground close to the Total Counter. After the short is found and repaired, replace the PRCB (p/n A03UR75900).
If the wiring is not damaged, reposition it so that it is secured in the plastic hooks behind the counters. This will keep the wiring from being pinched when the cover is removed and reinstalled.
It is recommended that all machines be inspected at setup or the next service call to prevent future incidents.

11-11-2008, 06:55 AM
Possibly three problems.

1. Your tech is cleaning the sensors but may not the cleaning pads so each time the machine is doing a color reg it is putting toner on the sensors.

2. The transfer belt has not been assembled properly and it has more tension on one side than the other causeing the belt to buckle.

3. The film seal in the cleaning unit is worn and it is spraying toner on to the reg sensor.

Ultimate solution new belt assy and cleaner box and clean everything on the color reg assy with compressed air.

As far as the banding and streaking you mentioned on printplanet you should get your tech to show you how to clean the coronas and/or leave you a set of spare coronas.

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