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04-18-2020, 01:39 PM
Get some decent hardware... beef up your memory... and get good antivirus and rootkit protection... and atleast 2 or 3 popup blockers...
then if you are feeling adventurous

google abandonware
you will find old game sites there... some will want you to pay but if you dig deep enough... most are free...

google skidrow games... (lots of xbox games have pc versions...if your system isn't fast enough they will crawl when playing...)
lots of sites... some are dead ends but many lead to good places... will need torrent downloader for some...
and some games are cracked in such a way as to lead you back to other games that have been cracked in past or recently...

note: old games abandonware... lucky if you hit 500mb, games of 90s maybe 1gig... early late 1990s to 2000s 2gigs... tody 9 gigs and up... I've even managed to download a game of 75 gigs and it wasn't world of warcraft... lets just say todays games are beefy...

if you want to go traditional route and pay... gog called good old games... or goto steam... very nice selections constantly being updated... steam is for new stuff... gog is for older stuff... you will find some abandonware but not as much as you would like...

07-05-2021, 09:16 PM
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10-29-2021, 09:33 PM
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