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04-21-2020, 11:26 PM
Got this error code and can't get it to go away, changed thermistor and temp sensor *th1 and ts1

Cleared the code but just comes back.

04-22-2020, 12:20 AM
DC Power supply/1 ?

04-22-2020, 07:04 AM
Something in the fuser is the cause as second fuser works OK

04-23-2020, 10:45 AM
Something in the fuser is the cause as second fuser works OK
Change the Heater Lamp A50UM31F00the temperature of the Fusing is not reaching the prescribed value.

04-24-2020, 06:48 AM
If you narrowed it down to the fuser itself there are only a few components involved. TH1, TS1, the lamp itself "L1" or else the wiring/connector.

06-07-2022, 11:22 PM
I have the sister model c1060 with the similar code...

Does anyone know if this code supersedes all others when starting? Codes are cleared and the fuser is disconnected from the drawer and the system still starts with C-3511. I find this odd as the door is open and instead that message should appear first, no?

If the temperature sensors or the lamps are bad and immediately throw the code, how would it know? It's literally disconnected from the system to even register!

My guess from research and common thinking is a possible failure of A50UR70M00, Power Supply / 1 and it's ability to code with my simple test. If I had a spare fuser, this would have been easily answered. LOL

Short story, Friday everything was operational, Tuesday C-3511 (cold start). Not sure if it's relevant, but I found a few broken parts along the way: A50U738400, Lifting Arm /2 and A50U724101, Belt Regulating Sleeve. Both are supportive devices, but don't appear to be detrimental to operation, more for ventilation and creep. By some miracle, the parts went down to the bottom side missing the fuser roller and belt entirely.

And here I am. :-)

06-07-2022, 11:53 PM
DC Power supply/1 ?

I have a post above with a c1060 issue, but I just wanted to verify if the c1070 is similar... I can only find A50UR70M00, Power Supply / 1 on the c1060 schematics. Did you mean that one, because the only other one is A50UM45200, DC Power source /2 in the same manual.

06-08-2022, 05:46 PM
Just to close this and maybe help add to the solution I found with a C-3511 code...

To clear the code I did the opposite, set it to 3-1, 1 and did a cold restart but this time went back into the Software DIPSW and then set it back to 3-1, 0. Restarted normally and test printed fine.

Be aware of the following:

Be sure to select the DIPSW3-1 to 0 after you replace the defective parts. If DIPSW3-1 is selected to 0 before defective parts are fixed, it possibly cause a fire.

I'm sure it was a simple thing, but I cleaned all the temp sensors and checked all the connections to be sure as well. Found more problems along the way and now its time to order more parts, but thankfully nothing expensive. LOL

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