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05-29-2020, 07:50 PM
I am setting up a KM 458 with HID omnikey smartcard reader 5427.

Things ive done:
1. Installed and set up/attached physical hardware in the machine - plugged the USB into the correct port on the side of the machine.
2. Installed the Loadable driver for the AU-205H in Service.
3. Turned on Authentication 2 in billing settings.

Instead of getting "Unable to connect to authentication device. Check connection and turn the main switch OFF and ON." (which im assuming that would mean everything works with the card reader being acknowledge by the machine) im getting 3 error messages bouncing around.

1. c-180 (which would be for a bad loadable driver?) I do believe i have the right drivers for the AU-205H
2. C -D216 : i have no idea what this error code is for, i researched basically everything i could to try and find this, google searches, service manuals, forums everything.
3. C -D211 : same thing as above i cant find out anything. it would appear on the screen as C -D216 but blink back and forth between that and D211 as if both are occurring at the same time, or something is triggering both on and off.

I have the machine upgraded to the newest firmware G00-x4
Switch 25 to 60 (function 7)

My company is only currently getting Muratec Support, i was told when we called in now we would be connected to KM tech support but i've only been dealing with Muratec support. With the machines being just slightly different from each other i feel they can only help with so much on KM's (At times they are willing to help and sometimes they cant suggest much.) Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

Im at a stand still, i cannot for some reason find out what im doing wrong. Anyone here have any suggestions?

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