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Pro tech
03-21-2021, 11:39 AM
Does anyone know a production tech in durban looking for a job 40k per month full time B951 and B1100

03-23-2021, 05:44 PM
Try posting in the Employment forum. https://www.copytechnet.com/forums/employment/

03-23-2021, 06:10 PM
Slim is right this isn't right forum for your thread.
Just in case, you're very close to one of members here:
Allan is fantastic tech and great guy to be around.

04-27-2021, 04:54 PM
Know just the guy but already working there. pro techs...
Not a lot of them around.

Especially the kind of tech that goes out of his way to resolve issues. You know resourceful and keeps them running with very little down time. Follows the instructions to make them run lean and make do with what he gets. The guy that supplies him knows the business, can be frustrating, but he is the boss. A tech that understands overall systems and trouble shooting principles. Get on a cause in a couple of minutes then takes the time to make sure its presentable and reliable enough to get to be profitable. Understands the cost accounting to know what is allowable, then squeezes every last bit out of every part but still keeps an eye out where preventative is better than a breakdown.

You know this ou is may be to honest for his own good.

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