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07-26-2021, 07:59 AM
Good day

I've been having a problem with a Bizhub C1060 the last week.
Every morning with switch on I get an error code 4506. After reset it will work the rest of the day with no problems. You can even turn it of and on without problems till the next morning.

I've tried a recall factory settings, colour registration, skew adj according to the manual. (page 1941 of the service manual) everything goes fine untill the next morning.

Any suggestions?

07-26-2021, 11:12 PM
I've had success with line items 1 through 3 below for the same issue only relating to yellow.

Main body: Writing correction and drive correction range exceedance
The correction range exceedance is detected during the color registration correction (M).
Measures to take when an alert occurs
The main body and the option stop immediately to deactivate the main relay.
Estimated abnormal parts
Printer control board (PRCB)
Writing unit
Intermediate transfer unit
Intermediate transfer belt
The message "Please call service" is displayed on the panel.
1. Note down the value of Writing Unit Skew Pos. (M) from Service Mode [01 Machine Adjustment] - [01 Printer Adjustment] - [09 Writing
Initial Pos. Memory] - [01 Skew Initial Position Memory].
Do not press the start button.
Press [01 Skew Initial Position Memory] button after the initialization is completed (Approximately 10 seconds).
2. Select I/O Check Mode to execute 35-17, 35-18, 35-19 in the order (move to the Initial Position).
Do not execute 35-20.
3. Execute [01 Machine Adjustment] - [01 Printer Adjustment] - [10 Color Registration Auto.] from Service Mode.
4. When an error occurs, go to the solution procedure 7. When it ends normally, go to the next procedure.
5. Execute the solution procedure 1 and note down the value again.
6. When the difference of the two values is more than 50, end the operation. When the difference is 49 or less, go to the next procedure.
7. Check the installation condition of the writing unit and the intermediate transfer unit, and repair it when there is any abnormality.
8. Check the writing unit, and replace it when there is any abnormality.
9. Check the connector connection and the wiring between PRCB and the writing unit, and repair it when there is any abnormality.
10. Replace the writing unit.
11. Replace PRCB.
12. Replace writing unit and PRCB at a time
13. Replace the intermediate transfer belt

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