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08-18-2021, 08:13 PM
My friend has problems with her skin, and therefore she is very worried and complex about it. Give advice on how you can remedy the situation, maybe there are some means? I would be grateful for a detailed answer.

08-18-2021, 10:30 PM
My suggestion is to enroll on a dermatological forum.

Since this is a copier forum we can help you fix your office equipment, but are poorly equipped to solve you complexion issues.

08-18-2021, 11:03 PM

08-18-2021, 11:56 PM
If your skin problems are very severe, then you need to choose the right treatment. There are many ways to help your daughter. But from my own experience, I can recommend you hyaluronic acid supplements (https://clavit.com/hyaluronic-acid-supplements/). In fact, with age, the skin loses its elasticity and begins to form wrinkles. This entire process can be slowed down with hyaluronic acid capsules.

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