View Full Version : Dead Machine Konica Minolta bizhub C360 attacked by overzealous security officer

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08-19-2021, 09:58 PM
I am starting with a KM bizhub C360
The company I provide support services to did some extremely classified work.
When the work was done instead of trusting the wipe/erase capabilities of the C360, the security officer pulled the hard drive and had them shredded, as in metal shredder.:mad::eek::mad::eek:
Now they want to use the machines again and they are out of service.
I have a new drive installed and formatted, it is recognized.
But, I cannot get the C360 to log onto KM Firmware server and successfully download firmware let alone movie data. :confused::confused:
Can someone send me the firmware file and the movie data so I can resurrect this machine?;)
Or tell me where I can download it.

Thank you,

08-20-2021, 02:47 AM
Ck you pm message

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