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08-27-2021, 02:12 PM
If someone have this problem.

C-D010 machine boots up and you have maybe 2-3 seconds time to see the normal display and after you get the error.

As soon as the error is displayed, nothing works. You don't have access to the Service Mode...
also not via the trouble reset mask. Loading firmware is also not possible.

I replaced the storage board and you have to load the firmware at the same time.
After that, various data are missing but counter is available. ip, life stop, admin password.. but not all

It is important that you take the PDF font A with you. The movie data was not requested. You could now try to format the old SSD with the M2 USB adapter but I could not risk to format the old one before I was sure that it was not the CPUB otherwise I would have had 2 new components and that would be very unpleasant

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