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05-04-2022, 11:18 PM
I have a 1052 in a customer that is going through developer every 80K, for some reason it is just disappearing from the housing. I have now just changed the housing, but am not convinced it will make any difference as both the new and the old one appear to be metering the same. PS. I have carried out all the init procedures and checked the spacing (I have another 1052 on the same site that is running fine). The halftones are spot on under an eye loupe with no signs of it burning out, the density is fine, everything is fine apart from it just eating developer.

Any input will be gratefully received, thanks in advance.

05-05-2022, 08:26 AM
There is a aluminum plate at the bottom of the dev tank. Between the aluminum plate and the mag roller there is a thin stainless steel regulation plate. If developer gets in between the aluminum plate and the stainless plate there is not enough gap for all the developer to return into the tank making it build up against the metal rod until it drops onto the transfer belt.

Should be able to see that happen if you turn it by hand.

That is one way to loose developer.

If there is damage on the edge(s) of the drum it could also pull developer out.

If all seems fine quality wise the developer is probably just leaking out.

Do you find any developer at the bottom of the IU cradle?

05-05-2022, 03:16 PM
A few things from the database:

PRO 951, PRESS 1052, PRESS 1250P
Light copies and prints. Long periods of idling. Occasionally, "Now correcting." Dirty primary charge, LED array, and drum potential sensor, because the upper developer seal has begun to curl at the ends (6M on the developing unit). Replace the upper developer cover (A4EU R75F 00). Clean primary charge wire & grid, and drum potential sensor. Run drum peculiarity adjustments.

PRO 951, PRESS 1052, PRESS 1250P
"C2202" error, after developer change. During developer unit cleaning, the mag roller is turned in reverse, flipping the mylar for the toner recycle roller. The new developer cannot re-enter the developing unit at the bottom. The thick buildup of developer against the drum slows the drum motor rotation. Carefully dump as much of the new developer from the unit, and collect it for re-use. Remove the toner recycle roller (only!) and developing unit drive, and re-position the mylar along the bottom edge of the roller. Re-assemble toner recycle roller, bushings, one-ways, and developer drive. Pour back in the collected developer and rotate the drive (down only) to confirm that developer can re-enter the developing unit. A small amount of developer dumped in the paper path will feed out onto the next 50 pages, or so.

PRO 1100
"C2802" errors. Also dark image fill. Paper dusted IDC sensor, below the lower lip of the developing unit. Auto Max Density Adjustment fails. Clean the IDC sensor with blower brush, stretch & dust, and alcohol cotton swab (never vacuum or refrigerant air). Run Auto Max Density Adjustment, plus other Drum Peculiarity Adjustments.

PRESS 6120
Heavy black streak in the feed direction. "C2803" shortly after PM. Toner recycling roller mylar is deformed, scooping developer off of the bottom of the developing roller. Remove toner recycling roller to re-form the scraper mylar down away from the mag roller, tight against the toner recycling roller. Recover as much developer as possible. Clean the IDC sensor with alcohol and cotton swab. I caused this issue while vacuuming out the developing unit, possibly by squeezing the developing unit in the bottom center.

PRESS 6120
"C2803" 200K after PM. Light area in the feed direction. Developer is depleted. Drum shaft handle was loose, backed out. Replace developer DV-017 (A9K1-500). Secure drum shaft handle tightly. Reset count, run developer stir.

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