View Full Version : Jamming 958 bypass pickup issue

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10-10-2022, 04:48 AM
I have a school thats printing on 250GSM paper

if it feeds short edge its fine but the pre printed certificates have a issue where a logo ghost/repeats and only way to not have that occur is feeding long edge

Ive noticed that the pickup doesnt have much downwards force on paper and therefore not enough traction

if i put a slight amount of pressure on it with my finger it pickups fine.

have same issue with bypass on i series

has anyone had any luck adding some weights to the pickup assy or is there any bulletins ive missed on the matter?

10-10-2022, 08:52 AM
Does it have a ribbed roller on the pickup?

10-10-2022, 10:48 AM
For the i series you can easily fix it by installing some old-style sep roller (or sep rolly assy) - I don't recall the details but there's at least one thread here about the question and solution. As for very thick paper I'd also recommend to feed it SEF.

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