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10-21-2022, 07:24 PM
Has anyone run into this code yet C-FD8B ? Says a pinched wire. This is a brand new unit.

Thanks for any input!


10-21-2022, 08:10 PM
those weird errors id reseat the cpu board and storage board. just a simple remove and reinstall.
maybe bouncing during transit shifted the board?

10-21-2022, 08:15 PM
sorry, also, were there any physical upgrades that needed to be electronically installed as well?

10-21-2022, 08:16 PM
Firstly I would do Self-diag. (Full)

10-21-2022, 08:39 PM
I took all the wiring off and put back on. I had to do a trouble reset and then unplug the machine, turn power on to take out any residual power and turn power off and plug back in and now it works fine. Sheesh

10-21-2022, 09:44 PM
If I remember correctly. It's loose wiring for the adf. These machines can't handle any bumps.

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02-09-2023, 09:08 PM
Had this today for the second time. Today was a B300i, turned out to be the video cable for the second side scan was not fully plugged in at the baseboard. I'm assuming a setup error when the machine was built. At least it was an easy fix. Previously had that code on a C250i as well. Same issue.

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