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10-27-2022, 02:36 AM
Only have 2 of these "Lexmarks" I work on. I know you have to install firmware in order, 899.pr (sub) then 999.prn (main) but what about installing other FW, can you do this anytime after installing "sub" & "main" firmwares first?

Thanks in advance

10-27-2022, 08:41 AM
5.2. Installation procedure to update a firmware
Please install the new firmware in the following order 1 - 3. If not, MFP will stop recognizing USB cable.
1. Engine Firmware [A6F750G0501-999] or later
2. Sub controller firmware [A6F730G0850-899] or later
3. Main controller firmware [A6F730G0850-W99] or later

This is the correct way

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