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11-28-2022, 10:23 PM
Good evening all,

I use this site all the time, such a great bunch of engineers and so very helpful but this is my very first post for help.

I've inherited a drum fit call for tomorrow for a Konica Minolta C1070. I've been a Konica Tech for over 12 year's but this is the first production type machine I would have looked at. When I got the job, I wrongly assumed it wouldn't be much different to the rest of the Bizhub range but having looked at the service manual, I now realise I couldn't have been more wrong.

I really need some help to try and get this Drum unit installed tomorrow please, physically I don't think the process will be too difficult and I have the manuals to follow. My issue is the service mode and the management tool, will I need the management tool software to be able to reset the drum counter and any other settings I may need to setup? Is the management tool the way you access the service mode? Is there anywhere I can download the tool please? According to the manual, I will then have to setup an engineer code from the administrator menu, is there a standard access code like 1234567812345678?

Do the experts in this product think I shouldn't be trying this repair given my experience? I must admit, I'm starting to think that now!

Any help anyone can provide would be very, very much appreciated!

Thanks very much.

11-28-2022, 10:52 PM
This is manageable. Send me a private message. =^..^=

11-28-2022, 11:21 PM
Thanks very much Blackcat, private message sent.

Thanks again.

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