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12-08-2022, 02:13 PM
I have a IC 413 which I believe has a bad HDD..Symptoms...

1. Controller shows 00, but attached monitor shows "starting windows" and will not move past this screen.
2. I have 1.1 system 1, 2 and user software ISO, along with USB prep tool.
3. The only way I can get the USB prep tool to work is by loading system 1 and system 2 iso files, at this point the tool allows me to enter the windows product key. The problem is I believe I need the user software ISO as well, but no combo of these 3 files allows me to finish the steps on the prep tool except system 1 and 2..I does not recognize user software iso.
4. If I reload the software using system 1 and 2, the process works, windows and Fiery tools load, IC shuts down. I pull the USB drive and Windows starts up. I get the "enter Fiery password" screen, enter the default, and every time, in about 30 seconds I get a "logging off windows, shutting down. Every restart at this point goes right back to the original issue. Fiery LED shows 00, stuck on starting windows screen.
5. It will not boot in any kind of safe mode, and I have tried 32 other HDD. 1 full size sata 360, and a 2.5 SATA of the same size.

Does the use software iso have to be on the USB prep tool or am I seeing a MB or interface board issue???E

12-08-2022, 02:32 PM
i have always used my laptop direct to the fiery for system software install. flip the 2 service switches and follow the prompts off the CD. just click "installer.vbs"
personally i like to see the progress bar, not some LCD numbers on the back of it hoping its still going. also unless the fiery has a FACI kit you wont see it boot into windows, it cuts off the display on the embedded video port.
was remote desktop ever enabled? try logging in to the fiery that way.
also the windows product key should be on the sticker on the fiery, if damaged\unreadable just use one off another fiery.

12-08-2022, 04:37 PM
The issue seems to be the size of the USB drive..Moved to a 16GB and everything has loaded as normal. I believe the user.iso was not able to fit..Suprising to me that no warning was given. It was a bad HDD..E

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