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12-21-2022, 03:43 PM

BizHub C227 not prints colors 5, 10, 20% in demo page. Image appears very bright.
Any ideas how solve this problem?

12-21-2022, 07:15 PM
What have you done so far?

12-21-2022, 09:02 PM
Looks a lot like an end user.

New account, first post, extremely basic issue.

12-21-2022, 10:00 PM
Looks a lot like an end user.

New account, first post, extremely basic issue.
True, but if he/she doesn’t answer a simple question I lose interest immediately😉

12-21-2022, 10:51 PM
Bird looks awful what have you done to it?

12-22-2022, 07:35 AM
What have you done so far?

Every couple months appears streaks on paper, after clean transfer belt everything works fine, but after last cleaning lost low intensity colors.
Looks like waste toner not transfer to waste toner box. So why I often cleaning transfer belt, actually cleaning this part 56029

12-22-2022, 12:18 PM
reset background data & stabilize,
then stabilize and gradations 3x each.

12-22-2022, 02:05 PM
That cleaning blade of the ITB is probably too old so cleaning won't last long. You can buy these blades from some non OEM part suppliers to avoid swapping entire ITB units at service contract MFPs but I don't have any long time experience so far. Resetting stabilizing data and run a freh stabilization might help - I'd clean the AIDC sensores before that procedure though.

12-22-2022, 05:57 PM
As Synthohol stated, run the gradation per the instructions given and it should greatly improve your issue. Depending on consumable wear, it may not end up perfect, but should be a whole lot better than what you have now.

12-23-2022, 08:36 AM
Thanks all for advices.
Initialize+Image Stabilization helped

Todd Glenn
12-29-2022, 01:06 AM
Konica Minolta had a bulletin for the ITB , solved with a firmware and version upgrade, and new ITB, but would go with others advice and just replace the blade, if possible.

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