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vaclav borc
02-14-2009, 09:37 PM
description problem:

at copying , in direction motion scanner, are lines , who have be straight , are cranked as stairs. When printing self test , lines are perfectly straight.

Can me, please, write this additional and bright. :

" Throw another known working HGB board in the pig, we have seen this problem unfortunately 100 or so times and its always the same deal, the HGB board. I think the same vendor made that POS board as the laser units on these models, hell we wont even cover the laser under contract so many went bad . "

I cant understand, where is problem.Should I replace HGB board? That am already change with unit scanner. Be possible , that have two defective HGB boards.Seem me it big chance.
when am exchange main board, to who head cable of HGB , so problem disappear, but substantially worsen.
So far as problem was in HGB board, will not have exchange main board influence on fault. Can it make power supply board ?

02-15-2009, 05:21 AM
As mentioned on your previous posts about this same subject, this problem happens when either your HGB board is defective or the Fiber Optic cables coming from it are kinked.

Even if you have changed a whole "Scanner Unit" as you said before, still it seems that you have to replace another time the HGB board or once again check the routing of the fiber optic cables and the other connectors of the HGB board.

We always where able to solve this problem by replacing the HGB board.

Take care that the replacement board is coming from the same type of machine. Meaning, if your defective machine is a Di-250 replace it with a HGB board from a proven functional Di-250 or if your defective machine is a Di-350 replace it with a HGB board from a proven functional Di-350.


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