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07-24-2023, 12:19 PM
Good morning.

Do you know where I can find the KM Print Utility for UNIX?

Thanks in advance.

07-24-2023, 03:02 PM
Is it really needed nowadays?
That was from the turn of the century if I remember.
Isn't there a close enough ppd and adjust through CUPS?

Been a loooooonng time since.

07-24-2023, 04:14 PM
The problem is that the software that uses Unix, always prints horizontally, even changing the orientation of the sheet in the printer and in the driver, the text comes out horizontally.
I already found KM print Utility for Unix but for series 4, I need for series 8.

07-24-2023, 04:58 PM
sounds like an issue i had with an AS400.
it needed an IPDS print interpreter box that did or allowed the rotation.

will the software use a ghostscript driver?

[edit] borrowed from a redhat forum gs-pcl3(1) [redhat man page] (https://www.unix.com/man-page/redhat/1/gs-pcl3/)

Ghostscript looks at several sources to determine the page size:

o the default size configured for gs (usually US Letter or ISO A4 in portrait orientation),

o the value given to the option PAPERSIZE in the invocation,

o the size requested by the document, unless you specify -dFIXEDMEDIA.

The last applicable item in this list overrides the others, hence the current page size can change at runtime.

The pcl3 driver splits the page size into sheet size and page orientation and passes the sheet size to the printer. This works only if the
printer accepts this size (accepted sizes are listed in your printer's manual). For the explicitly supported printers, the driver knows
which sizes are accepted and will refuse to print if an unsupported one is requested. (If you suspect that pcl3 is in error concerning
what is supported, check the list of supported sizes in the PPD file for the subdevice you are using.) Group-3 printers also accept a cus-
tom page size command which permits printing on arbitrarily-sized media but only within certain limits which are also known to the driver.
Unlike the sheet size the page orientation is irrelevant for deciding whether a particular page size is supported or not. The driver will
adapt itself as required by the PostScript language and rotate the output if necessary. (I know of only one other ghostscript driver capa-
ble of this.)

07-25-2023, 09:18 AM
I'll try it out and then I'll give you feedback.

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