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08-14-2023, 01:18 AM
Experiencing automatic jamming from Tray 2, received Jam Code 12-05. Filled tray with fresh paper due to possible humidity and being a school (summer) and replaced paper feed rollers for Tray 2, no change in issue. Had similar issue back in February 2023, replaced paper feed drive assembly and resolved it, but doubting it went bad already. Iím looking for any suggestions. Thank you.

08-14-2023, 03:22 AM
Is the paper being picked up at all? Could be a drive issue.

08-14-2023, 04:04 AM
Is the paper being picked up at all? Could be a drive issue.

Thank you for replying. I confirmed that the pick-up roller (black ribbed roller) is turning, but it only pulls the paper approximately 1/2 to 3/4 inch out of the tray before jamming each copy and only out of Tray 2. It barely gets to the mylar on the paper feed assembly.

08-14-2023, 04:42 AM
fwiw i rarely used the ribbed rollers, always replaced with regular A00Js the ribbed just skimmed over pages depending on the paper.
also check the upper limit sensor itself, if it becomes partially dislodged or the actuator not sitting right maybe the tray does not lift high enough?

08-14-2023, 08:06 AM
Did you try a test with the 1st drawer? There might be a burr on the exit mylar of the 2nd tray.

We also swapped several feed assys on the lower speed i series. I thing there's a bulletin in the all solutions files suggesting to check the assy for bent frame parts. There was also an issue with the sep roller holder, there should be a modification info in KM online parts guide.

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