View Full Version : Printing 2 A4 pages on 1 A3 reduces the A4 page (perhaps adds margins)

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10-14-2023, 01:30 PM
I often scan A4 sheetmusic as pdf using the C220 bizhub and then I want to print 2 pages A4 on 1 A3.
As A3 fits 2 x A4, I am not expecting any reduction of the A4 size in the output, however it seems the 2 in 1 function is reducing the size.
I make sure there is no border printed and make sure to use the actual size (100%) when printing of pdf is done.

My goal is...when I scan an A4 page using the machine, I can print it the same size on A4 without any size reduction.
As A3 is two times the size of A4, I should be able to print the two pages on 1 A3 sheet while keeping the same size.

Is there anysetting I have missed or which I can set to change this behaviour?

Looking forward to a solution.

PS> I know I can potentially scan two A4 pages as one A3, but viewing A3 on a tablet (for reading the sheetmusic) is not helpful. I then need to split the A3 into two A4 pages. Lot's of extra manual work.

10-14-2023, 01:55 PM
do booklet @100% instead.
dont paginate, just leave pages in order.
the output pdf can be read in the 2-up manner if needed.

10-14-2023, 10:07 PM
Thx for the quick reply.

What do you mean by don't paginate? I that a setting in the driver?
I use booklet often when I have 3 or more A4 pages.
When I use it for 2 A4 pages, they are printed on the different sides of the A3 paper and I want them next to each other.

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