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04-28-2009, 02:37 PM
Hello, we just unboxed this new machine. copying and faxing are moving the image down and left about 1/2 inch. Internal test look OK now. PC-FAXing also is 1/2 down and to the left on the receiving fax machine.

At the same time, the image is stretched to the right and a little to the bottom, so the right 4mm of the copy is not able to fit on the page, it is cut off and missing.

It does it copying, faxing, pc-faxing, ADF, glass, tray#1 and tray#2.

The only thing we were able to find out is that this machine does edge to edge scanning to network shares, but it doesn't seem to have anythign to do with it.

It had .14 and we updated to the current .19 firmware, no effect.

Any ideas?

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