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05-07-2009, 12:45 AM
We lease a bizhub 200 at my workplace. Primarily it is used as a copier. However, I wanted to use it's scanning and printing features. I successfully managed to put it on the network, and set a static ip address. I downloaded the PCL6 drivers and it prints fine.

However, I am having problems using it as a scanner.

I went to

Support & Drivers Search Results | Product: bizhub 200 / File Type: Drivers / Operating System: Windows 2000/XP (http://onyxftp.mykonicaminolta.com/download/SearchResults.aspx?productid=865&filetypeid=0&osid=3)

To download the TWAIN scanning drivers. There appears to be 2 drivers,a "real time" driver and a HDD driver, however, we do not have HDD, and I just wanted to be able to scan from the copier to pdf files on computers on the network. I set up another canon in our office to do this with a standard TWAIN driver and scanito software. Works well.

However, after I installed the TWAIN driver v. "real time" and started the scanitto software, I tried searing for the scanner, but it did not show up, I tried to add a registered device by the ip address, and then it said that it could not connect to the server. I read the readme file and I noticed that the bizhub 200 was not on the list of supported devices for the "real time" TWAIN driver.

I uninstalled the "real time" driver and installed the HDD driver v., and it said that it did support the bizhub 200, but as I said we dont have HDD so, I could do nothing with that either.

I read the user manuals about scanning to pc and it mentions two utilities "IP scanner" and "Image receiver". I could not find anywhere on the konica minolta site to download these applications or anywhere on the internet, but I wasn't even sure if these pieces of software would solve the problem as they seem to be used with more advanced scanning capabilities.

So my question is: what do I need to get the scanning function to work properly? I didn't find anything in the manual which talks about the twain drivers, and how to use them. On the Canon copier, we have to put the scanner online before using the Twain drivers, is that also true of the bizhub 200? If so, I couldn't find anywhere to put it online.

All I want to do is scan from the copier (platen glass or autofeeder) to a pc using the twain drivers, if that is not possible, I would like to scan it to a folder on clients on the network.

Any help is appreciated.

05-07-2009, 02:08 PM
Why don't you try other methods of scanning ie email or SMB (shared network folder)? They're easy to set up. Twain scanning is usually used for specific applications that you want the document to be scanned into that you need to work on ie OCR or graphic programs.

Specilist KVN
05-07-2009, 02:57 PM
The BH200 is a low end BW Office MFP.
It only supports Scan to email, FTP, SMB, and the optional Hard Drive.

05-07-2009, 03:11 PM
Hi Zermelo!

The Bizhub 200 can't scan to twain. You can use FTP or SMB scan.

05-07-2009, 03:23 PM
Thanks a lot for the responses guys. I was reading around on the forum and saw that scanning to smb is much easier to set up. Actually, this thread:


helped a lot. I just set up the one touch buttons for specific clients on the network and it works fine. I like the software that you can use with TWAIN drivers, so I was set on using that but it looks like the 200 either doesn't support it or it will not work without the HDD.

One last questions, what are the limitations to scanning to smb on the bizhub 200? I mean in terms of document size? Can I scan as many pages as the feeder holds? Or is it limited to just a few pages. I was reading in the other thread that there appeared to be some size limitations.

Thanks again.

05-07-2009, 08:19 PM
The bizhub 200, as with any KonicaMinolta, will scan as small as 5.5x8.5 and as large as 11x17. 8.5x11 scans a 70ppm at 200 dpi. Max. capacity is 80 sheets in the Doc feeder.

The only limitations are on the PC end as far as memory to hold all the scans.

05-17-2009, 02:12 AM
Yes you need the optional hard drive for TWAIN scanning. You scan to a box, and then you pull the scan from the copier to your computer using the HDD TWAIN driver. The real time twain driver is only usefull when you have the copier sitting next to you.

The limitations are the copiers scanning memory. If you get a Memory Full error you have reached your limit. We tell customers who do not have a hard drive that the limit is about 10-12 8.5x11 paper, depending on the coverage. If you did 8.5x11 photo's at 600dpi you would not get 10 pages.

Play with it and see. We have some customers that do about 40 pages, but sometimes they call and think the machine is broken, when they just used up the memory. "We always do 30-40 pages and it has worked fine". What they keep forgetting is that the amount of coverage on each page changes, so the size of the scan changes.

Tray scanning xray's and you won't get pass 1 or 2 without a hard drive.

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