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07-18-2009, 07:50 PM
Machine is a brand new, initialization is caried by the book just like other c203-253-353.

I wanted to connect it to the DHCP server by selecting auto IP. After restarting the machine i couldnt see network tab in admin settings.When we printed conf page we saw that machine didnt get ip from server.

I looked at TCP/IP rj45 connector and saw that both led wasnt blinking!
I restarted and waited as long as 10 min to get to the network tab but no luck there. I did data clear in Service mode and reatrived the network tab but again no signal from the machine, like ded NIC.

I update firmware from 16 to 21 and everything is the same except password for admin seting is not 12345678 ??? machine says incorect password? W T F?

Konica will send mi trubleshoot obout machine lozzing mac adres in monday. Could this be it? or shuld i go and update firm to ver 62 whit enhanced functions 1?

THX for any replay

Mr Spock
07-18-2009, 08:45 PM
try setting a static ip and use a laptop and cross over. It might be the network (cable/jack/switch/router).

07-18-2009, 10:37 PM
I would but i dont have any signal from the NIC....its ded and i cant go to the administrator via utility button since password is wrong that is "12345678" its not functioning.

07-18-2009, 11:11 PM
First switch off tcp -power machine off -then switch tcp on then it schould work I hope.

07-19-2009, 01:15 AM
The firmware levels you are using are 2 years old, why not upgrade to a more current version? Go from 21 to 62 to 88 then J8. After each upgrade check to see if you get your Admin mode back. I had that problem on a Bizhub 421 and I ended up copying a good card from another 421 to the card in the machine with the problem.

07-19-2009, 03:57 AM
First go to service mode and reinitialize the machine. that should reset all to factory defaults, including the password. Then see if it will pull an address when restarted. If not manually set the IP and connect with a crossover cable to verify that the nic is functional. If the nic is not functional then replace it.

If it works from your laptop but not from the netork then you may have a switch problem, sometimes the nic doesn't negiotate the correct network speed and operation is inconsistant. In those cases you can set the speed to 100 full duplex and and set the port on the switch to match, or you can simply jack it into one of those little 4port switches and connect the switch's uplink to the jack in the wall.

07-19-2009, 08:46 AM
BIG THX GUYS. I apriciate help.
I agree about old formware even tho i am that type of service guy "if it works, leave it! :o "

I will try all of the options. I did connect machine via straight cable to my laptop but no response. I will try whit cros cable. I will request special firmware from konica to reset nic if nothing else help and will upgrade machine to j8 :) THX pepper for the info (u saved me shourly an hour searching for correct order of verzions ).

Will let u know the result in monday, possibily a thoursday


07-20-2009, 02:14 AM
One other thing and I should have mentioned this before, ( but it slipped my mind) when ever you have a nic problem make sure you have turned off direct SMB hosting, there was a tech tip about a year ago indicating that on some NIC's this will send them into a loop and cause them to lock or appear to be dead.

07-20-2009, 08:38 AM
I will try that one to! thx

07-21-2009, 04:53 PM
Uf, :( Nothing new except i now can enter in admin mode via utility.

I flashed machine to firm verz. 66. I couldnt access admin yet so i tried via Service mode>enhanced security to create new admin password.

When i type first 8 digits machine ask to re-type the password and the freez?? Then I flashed to ver 88 and from there i can aces admin tab but Netwok tab dosent exist :mad:.

I cant access in Direct SMB hosting since there is no network tab to shut it off.

I got this from KM

BEU CSES TNI: Network Setting
Button not available
Product Category : Product
Color MFP: bizhub C450P
Color MFP: bizhub C450
Color MFP: bizhub C252P
Color MFP: bizhub C252
Color MFP: bizhub C250P
Color MFP: bizhub C250
Color MFP: bizhub C352P
Color MFP: bizhub C253
Color MFP: bizhub C351
Color MFP: bizhub C352
Color MFP: bizhub C300
Opened Date 24.11.2006
Classification 102049 --> Problem Solution
Rating 0
Revision Number 00
Problem Code 1 S --> Software (PC application or driver) failure
Problem Code 2 S01 --> Installation/Uninstallation failure
The Network button will disappear under the following
Auto IP enabled
DHCP Setting OFF
BOOTP Setting ON
ARP/Ping Setting ON
the network interface will only be accessible if an IP address
will be assigned by ARP/Ping or BOOTP.

Easies way to recover from this condition is to execute
following command from the windows command line -->
arp -S [ip-address] [MAC-address]
for example
arp -S 00-20-6b-55-98-FE

If Auto IP is enabled, at least AUTO IP Setting or ARP/PING is
available. If only ARP/Ping is enabled, the network i/f can be
recovered as mentioned above. If only AUTO IP is enabled, the
engine will take a IP address from the subnet /16.

I type it via CMD window but nothing happens since machine cant recieve the command. I noticed that when am in admin tab for 1 min machine display following : " WAITING FOR ARP COMMAND". Apparently machine and computer CANT communicate via TCP/IP line and now am 100% ashured that i got defective mainboard.


07-21-2009, 05:13 PM
Try assigning an ip address using the arp command, make sure you are connect directly to it with a crossover cable and you are singing an IP with the same address scheme that your Laptop is using. Make sure the MAC Address is entered correctly. Then re power the machine and try ping /t followed by the ip address you just gave the copier wait up to 5 minutes for a response.

07-21-2009, 06:17 PM
Could it be that the machine has an option or dipswitch to enable/disable the NIC?

07-27-2009, 10:36 AM
Hi dear guys,
pardon for my bad English but it's normaly in Italy.

The new firmware version of Bizhub Thames series is the R6.

I suggest to make it.

There are 2 ways for updating FW, by Compact Flash Memory (here in Italy we don't find it since 2 years, the news CF are too quickly)
or by FTP-Server by LAN.

After FW Update, you will have on the machine an E-0002 error code (HDD logical format x high encrypion data during the FW Update)

For solve this, go in the Service Mode (Utility->Meter Counter->Check Details->Stop 0 0 Stop 0 1,
State Confirmatio->Memory/HDD Adj.->HDD Version Upgrade(L1)->START KEY.

Don't turn off, but RESET KEY->Stop 0 C->NVRAM DATA BACKUP->START KEY.

Turn OFF & ON.

Now, I think that the NIC problem is not solved,
you must make an Compact Flash Memory with SPECIAL FIRMWARE FOR NIC & NVRAM RESET, you must Power ON the machine with this CF on apposite slot.

On machine display appears 2 options,


choose only NIC RESET.

Power OFF & ON & enjoy.

Ciao ciao & best regards.


07-30-2009, 09:05 AM

Machine is working and now i can breath ;).

I tried to use arp -s command but every time i get new line in CMD and no affirmation that machine received arp command.I used straight and cross cable and tried alot of other ways.
Next, I did data clear on firmware ver 88 then i did whit help of Special firmware reset the NIC. Network tab didnt show up even after waiting for 5 minutes.Interesting was that i figured that PING command WORKED whit defult machine IP addres so I did easy upgrade to firm J8.PING comm. didnt workuntil i didnt do an NIC reset.

I waited for 1 min and network tab showed up! everything was working after, huh.... :o.

I'v noticed something strange. When i do DATA CLEAR some of funkcions dissapear? Example : under UTILITY/COUNTER i miss funkcion 3 and under admin, funkcion 2. I upgrade machine from 16 to 21 and everything worked except network tab. Then i tried to do data clr. on firm 88 and i got same except iv been missing funkc 1 and under admin, funk. 4 ? I upgrade to J8 but this time it didnt help :cool:. I dont wanat to TOUCH ANYTHING anymore. Network is woking what is most important.I showed them procedure via page scop;) for everything else.


Special thanks goes to pepper38.

07-30-2009, 09:08 AM
I forgot to ask one question. Witch one is most stable version of firmware from c203-253-353 in ur experiance? is there any toning problem likr there was in c252 and 352 where machine would suck all the dev from the IU and so on.

THX for any replay!

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