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10-06-2009, 06:15 PM
Was hoping some of you kind folks could help me out - I bought a used C500 Pro a number of months back (off of fleabay which I'm hugely regretting). It came without a waste bottle and when I managed to finally get hold of one I found it wasn't being recognised.

I eventually called out a service engineer who managed to get bypass the bottle issue but was unable to get the machine to boot - it's coming up with the SC45-20 code (though it once also showed SC28-01). And I found out the seller lied, it's done many more impressions :mad:

The engineer was little use, seemed to know nothing about the machine (despite being a KM tech with a hefty call out charge :rolleyes: ) and failed to get back to me. Can anyone help with this?

10-06-2009, 06:30 PM
In for a penny, in for a pound. I'm not sure what you can do with this info personally as a user, but it might be worth the money to try a different KM dealer and have this info handy. EMujo

SC45-20 at power up or while making copies.

1. Color registration failure.
Perform the color correction calibration of the sensors PS8 and PS9 (p/n 4969-1729-01). To calibrate the sensors, perform the following:
a. Disable Color Registration Correction Control in the 25 mode, software dipswitch 25, bits 3 to 1 (ON) and bit 4 to 0 (OFF).
b. Run [Auto Color Registration Adjustment] in the 36 mode.
c. Enable Color Registration Control (software dipswitch 25, bits 3 to 0 (OFF) and bit 4 to 0 (OFF)).
d. Perform Auto Color Registration adjustment.

2. The shutter that covers the registration sensors PS8 or PS9 is not opening.
Clean the mechanism and ensure that the shutter functions correctly.

3. Color registration sensors have failed.
Replace the color registration unit (p\n 65AAR75800).

4. Failed PRCB.
Replace the PRCB (8050/CF5001 - p/n 65AA-9033 and bizhub PRO C500 - p/n 65AA-9035).

5. Stripped developer gears or binding developing unit.
Note: When printing black and white prints, the black is missing on the page. Gradually the frequency of the voids increases and the SC45-20 is indicated when the machine is powered ON.
Pull the transfer belt unit when the SC45-20 is indicated and observe the CMYK pattern. If the K pattern is missing, then check the K developing unit (p/n 1 65AA-972 2). Look for stripped developing gears (p/n 65AA 7721 0 or p/n 65AA 7722 0) and replace if necessary. If K developing unit is binding, replace the assembly.

6. The toner level detection sensor located inside the corresponding color toner hopper will register a false full state. The sensor itself becomes caked with toner.
Note: Developer will run completely out of toner even though all relevant systems are operating normally.
Open the toner hopper and clean the toner level detection sensor. This will allow the toner bottle to begin supplying the hopper with fresh toner. It may be necessary to manually tone up the developer. This is accomplished by using the 47 mode.
a. First access the toner density sensor at switch 58 bit 0=yellow, bit 1=magenta, bit 2=cyan, bit 3=black.
b. Check the level, it should be between 150-180. If the value is greater than 180, add toner to the developer.
c. To add toner to the developer, use switch 01 bit 1= yellow, bit 4=magenta, bit 7=cyan, bit 10=black.
d. Continue to add toner until reaching the desired value.
e. When finished, cycle the machine power, then run some test copies to verify the correction of the problem.

7. Failed Transfer Belt Assembly.
Replace the Transfer Belt Assembly (p/n 65AA-261 0).

8. Imaging Unit not fully seated into MFP causing a poor electrical connection and resulting in developer being depleted (8050/CF5001 only).
Lubricate alignment pins on front right side of imaging unit. Replace developer.

10-06-2009, 09:49 PM
If you paid for service and got no answers, I would call the company who sent the tech and ask to speak to the owner. Then ask if he knows of any other KM dealers that will at least give you a call back after taking money. If that did not work, call KM corporate and ask the same thing.
On the other hand it is a gamble to run a piece of equipment like that without a maint agreement.

10-06-2009, 10:05 PM
I would suggest you try to cut your loses. See if the seller will refund your money. Looks like you may have bought a moneypit, and frankly a C500 just isn't worth that much.

10-07-2009, 05:03 AM
What state/area are you in. I can almost ALWAYS get a C500/8050 to come back from at 45-20. It's NOT that hard. As far as the waste bottle goes, you can just dump the toner in the trash and put the bottle back in. It's a tad messy though. So don't wear white. :)

10-07-2009, 11:44 AM

Thanks for all the replies - sounds like I've really been done over on this :(
Unfortunately I'd had a whole load of problems getting it transported to me - it took the best part of a month to reach me, then when it arrived I had a crazy workload and basically didn't have time to look at it for 2 months, then I had problems getting hold of a waste toner bottle and up to the point the tech came it's been the best part of a year since I got it :o So, not much chance of a refund :(

Emujo - thanks for that, but you're right, a bit over my head. I know my canon 3200 well enough but I'd struggle with this (good info for the next tech though).

Fix - yeah, good point, will give them a call.

Buster - see above :(

RRodgers - in the 51st state (Scotland) ;) Yeah, not worried about the toner bottle, just need to get it running first!

shawn Xia
10-12-2009, 09:24 AM
I don't think that is big problem.Sc45-20 is a problem many people often meet.

Firstly,Check the C,M,Y,K developer,If possiable,change them.you can enter 36 mode and choose item 6 test pattern density setting,and print 255c,m,y,k seperately.If the density is ok,then the developer is ok,or you must change it .

secondly,you should check color registration sensor F/R(PS8,PS9),maybe one of them is dirty.

Please take it easy,c500,8050 is a good machine.

10-12-2009, 12:15 PM
Hi Shawn,

Thanks for the info - I'd phoned the technician again who said likewise, that he was hoping it may be a dirty sensor or that, being stored in an unheated building (and it can get quite cold here) that there may have been a little condensation build up.

As mentioned, I'm totally new to the machine and don't have a service manual - it would be much appreciated if you could give a very quick guide on how to perform these checks!

10-12-2009, 01:18 PM
Still having problems?

Where in scotland are you? I,m a Konica Minolta trained C500 engineer. I moved from KM last year to another company but I could probably rack my brains and get you up and running haha??

If you continue to have probs let me know.


10-12-2009, 03:44 PM
Heh, small world :D Just in the southside of Glasgow and any help you could give would be grand...could use an inside man!

04-07-2011, 04:01 AM
Hi dear frnd,
pls tell me easy way 2 remove toner hopper units. (c 500 pro) i wanna clean toner level detect sensor,

04-09-2011, 01:32 AM
First check your transfer belt, is it being cleaned no streaks?(If streaks replace cleaning blade or vaccum out the assy. Second clean the three sensors inside the machine that monitors the transfer belt will be on the left side of the belt inside the machine all three have covers watch out for two of them they have springs they came be cleaned by reaching into the machine from the right side with drum/transfer belt section open, DO NOT LEAN ON THE DRUM DRIVE SHAFTS!!!! Also check that all four charge corna housings are snug in position. May also require you to remove reg assy. Assy is where the sensors are located two screws and a connector (Have to get way in the back of the machine, from the front no back cover)Mag screw driver:) once removed clean toner dust, and clean under the actual sensor covers themselves. Of course the sensor assy could be bad. There are three small circuit boards on the assy. Hope this help

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